Harold Leroy Wright, our beloved pastor Bud, was born on 7 March 1945 in Cullman, Alabama. He was a truck driver and was already going over borders delivering goods to people. But, it was on 9 October 1972 when he confessed Jesus as His Lord and Savior that his empty heart was filled. This decision changed his life’s direction.

After going through a very delicate and turbulent moment with great difficulties and conflict with his first wife who filed for divorce, Pastor Bud, who was a father’s only son, Dennis Wright, stayed firm in the Gospel and after some time later, he became the pastor of a church near his home. God was preparing him to continue to go over borders, but now with a much better delivery: The Word and the anointing.

Still in Alabama during a bible study he met Janace Sue Hawkins known as Jan. They started a beautiful relationship together. She was a banker, but accepted leaving everything behind to follow with Pastor Bud the call of God for their lives. They got married on 6 November 1980.

After having the opportunity of listening to cassette tapes with messages by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, Pastor Bud got to know more about the Word of God. The calling of God was stronger and clearer in his heart. Holy Spirit was separating him for a great work: “Study at Rhema for two years and go to Brazil and take my Word to set my people free”.

He registered at RBTC – “Rhema Bible Training Center” – founded by Brother Hagin in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Two years later, on 22 August 1983 they arrived in Brazil where they served for seven months in the ministry of helps in a missionary work called “Missão Agape” located in Campo Mourão – Paraná state.

After that once again, following the direction of the Spirit of God, Pastor Bud and Jan Wright moved to Guarulhos-SP. Although arriving with just a few suitcases and not much financial resources, pastor Bud found favor before God, because he was cooperating with Him and obeying Him by faith in the Word and also he found favor before many people as sister “Regina Oldberg”, his only contact and interpreter who offered her house to start meetings where he would minister the Word of God.

Twelve people came to that first meeting. Obeying this call, Pastor Bud and Jan also experienced signs following their preaching. They were invited to preach in many different churches and events in São Paulo the capital of the state, they saw the Lord operate many miracles through their lives. Many people were saved, revived, supernaturally healed and baptized in the Holy Ghost.

That number of twelve people soon multiplied to over a hundred and continued to grow rapidly. They were able together with some brothers and sisters to rent a place where it was able to hold all the attendees and possible visitors.

On 15 September 1985 the first Verbo da Vida Church was born in Guarulhos-SP. In the following year the Bible School started during the week in the same building. Other works were opened in the state of São Paulo and hundreds of people were been set free by the knowledge of the Word of faith.

In 1987, he heard the word “Northeast” in his heart. Soon he looked for what that would mean and decided to travel and see that part of the country. At the end of this journey which they were able to pass by almost all the states at the Northeast, Apostle Bud and Jan travelled to Campina Grande-Paraíba. In the hotel where they were in the central area of that city, God confirmed in his heart that the next work should be established there and God spoke in Mama Jan’s heart at the same time.

They spent two days ministering in a big Presbyterian Church in the city and went back to São Paulo full of joy, ready to better prepare and wait for the right time when God would guide them to move to the northeast area of Brazil. Although many people though insane moving from a big city like São Paulo to a small city in the country side, they had peace and joy that it was the will of God to their ministry in Brazil.

On the first day of October in 1990, Bud and Jan travelled in a Volkswagen van from São Paulo to Campina Grande. It was a very tiring and draining journey, but the grace of God was assisting them. When they arrived they started to make contact. In a short time pastor Bud was already ministering the Word regularly in meetings in a well know businessman’s house in the city who had recently got born again at that time.

Located in a central area in the Northeast, Campina Grande was seen in faith by the couple as an axle in the center of a wheel connected by many points that would go to different directions. During that time they understood that the city would be the base to reach all the capitals of the northeast with the Word of God.

 After all, God’s will to bring them to Brazil was that through them the revealed biblical knowledge reached the Brazilian people and train them spiritually so that they would continue the same mission all over the country and even in other nations.

They started Bible study meetings in their home with another group of twelve people that within three months it grew to 75 people. It was during those meetings and other Bible studies in a private school’s courtyard that pastor Bud and Jan met men and women that have been their armor bearer all this time: Amongst them there were Guto and Suellen Emery whom they developed a relationship of a father and son and they have been of great help for over twenty years.

On 17 January 1992, they established the Verbo da Vida Evangelical Church in Campina Grande with about 35 members. Some days afterwards the Verbo da Vida Bible Training Center was born in the same building in downtown. The help of other North American missionaries was also essential to the beginning of the work. Pastor Bud made many disciples to the Lord and signs continued to operate following the preaching and the teaching of the Word of God.

Provision from heaven would come each day and Pastor Bud and Jan prospered in all areas. His love for the Brazilian people only increased and that love was mutual. Although some disciples in São Paulo had left the vision and they were facing countless persecutions by other pastors in Campina Grande, miracles were performed, promises were fulfilled and unexpected gifts would arrive as a result of a life of faith that he lived until his last day on this earth.

In 1994 he opened the second Verbo da Vida church in the Northeast and in 1998 he founded the Verbo da Vida Ministries and its headquarter in Campina Grande, PB. In 2000 the affiliation with Kenneth Hagin Ministries was made official and the entire Verbo da Vida Bible Training Centers became Rhema Brazil. The work grew even more. It’s visible the impact in the economic and social area in the city that the Word of God has made. The Brazilian people loved Pastor Bud and they were grateful for his obedience by faith to the Lord. God Who gives seed to the sower has been faithful all this time and He has shown through this man that each act of boldness and to obedience to Him is worth it.

Currently there are in Brazil hundreds of Verbo da Vida churches and over 50 Rhema extensions spread out through many states in this nation. Many missionaries who were trained by him are serving the Lord in other nations. In 2009, The Lord had expanded his borders telling him “Verbo da Vida will go all over the world”. And Pastor Bud was also going. Angola, Portugal, England and many other nations also had the honor to receive him and partake of the anointing that was upon his life.

He had been dealing with some challenges in his physical body for a while. Like he would say, they were a result of eating excesses’ habits. However, his captivating and loving smile was present at all times, the Word of faith was in his mouth and in his heart, the realities of the redemption were confessed daily and he continued to fulfill his ministry, including teaching about divine healing and laying hands on sick people, that was according to him, the last phase of his ministry and it begin by him founding the Rhema Brazil Healing Center. Perseverance, wisdom and strength were part of who he is.

He fought the good fight, he finished his course and he kept the faith. On 7 November 2013, This Thursday morning, he went to be with the Lord. While doing his dialyses regular procedure reading “Healing Scriptures” book in the hospital and playing and laughing with the nurses as he always did, reading the book “Healing Scriptures” by Brother Hagin, he had a massive heart attack and was taken to the Emergency room (IC) and his body did not resist. The day before he had celebrated 33 years married to Jan Wright and in the evening had taught about faith in the Rhema Brazil Healing Center in Campina Grande-PB. He did what he loved the most: Preach the Gospel.

Always firm in the vision and in the sound doctrine, he would not compromise the truths of God’s Word and lived and preached them intensively. As a father would exhort his children looking to them with great love through his blue eyes, he would always ask them in the end of his messages with such grace “Do you still love me?”… Yes Pastor Bud! We will always love you and we will continue the work that you have started!

2 comentários em “Legacy

  1. Drew Thomas disse:

    What an awesome man of God. My family and I were so honored and blessed to spend the last week of his days on the earth with him. All of our conversations are imprinted on my heart and mind. He talked much about faith and the reality of God’s promises coming to pass. Hours before he went to be with God, he told my wife and I about when Jesus first saved him. He had tears in his eyes as he talked about what Jesus did when He died on the cross and rose again! He had a real, genuine love for His Savior, Jesus Christ. Many other people have known him for much, much longer than I have, so it amazes me how much he has impacted my life in such a short time! I know he will continually have crowns to be placing at the feet of Jesus for all the fruit his ministry is still producing in Brazil and around the world.

  2. Eu me lembro como se fosse hoje, pastor Bud dizendo que Deus o havia dito: o Verbo da Vida vai para as nações. Aquelas palavras entraram dentro do meu coração como que uma flecha bem afiada, e a convicção do peso daquele chamado chegava dentro de nós, fortes como nunca.

    Hoje, nas nações, não somente como missionários, mas como RHEMA e igreja Verbo da Vida no Reino Unido estou plenamente convencido de que não existe homenagem melhor do que levar a cabo o mandato que ele recebeu da boca de Deus. A sua vida e fé, que sempre nos inspiraram, hoje se torna mais viva e mais real.

    Nosso chamado? Ser uma réplica deles, mais nada, e tudo isso. Quero que um dia olhem para nós e digam, Eles são como Bud & Jan, largaram tudo e vieram para uma terra onde não sabiam falar a língua direito, apenas por amor a Deus e as pessoas. E naquele dia eles estarão certos, não somente pelos frutos, mas pelo caráter, amor e fé.

    Amamos você Pr. Bud! A família Verbo da Vida no Reino Unido te ama. Sei que não poderemos tê-los aqui fisicamente, mas a sua visão veio, e sempre vai estar aqui conduzindo cada uma de nossas ações. Seguimos em frente, sempre sorrindo! O mandato será levado a cabo e o Verbo da Vida se tornará mundial assim como você viu.

    Obrigado por tudo dad Bud!

    Gleison & Marina

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